Vocal Lessons
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We are currently scheduling lessons for the winter.
Lessons are offered seven days a week by appointment only, subject to instructor availability.

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We specialize in teaching our students the contemporary and popular songs that they love through
instructional methods that are easy, friendly, and supportive in a private environment that fosters
learning on a one to one basis.  

Singing is one of the most human forms of musical expression, and all it requires is a person with a
voice. There are many elements to vocal training, from learning to read music, to breath-control, and
mastering intonation. At E & J Music, we try to blend the technical aspects of learning to sing with
the music of all genres from classical to popular music. This approach allows students to feel more
engaged and connected with their personal learning experience. When beginning voice lessons,
students will learn proper vocal technique, which will help them to sing in a variety of styles. This
multi-faceted approach is at the core of classical vocal training, giving students a well-rounded
knowledge of musical techniques and song-styles. Vocal lessons also allow students to develop their
musical and performance skills to give them the confidence they need to audition and perform on

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Vocal Lessons
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