Piano Lessons
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We are currently scheduling lessons for the winter.
Lessons are offered seven days a week by appointment only, subject to instructor availability.

To Register for Winter Lessons or to inquire about pricing and availability:
Call 978-470-3073 or  
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We specialize in teaching our students the contemporary and popular songs that they love through
instructional methods that are easy, friendly, and supportive in a private environment that fosters
learning on a one to one basis.  

The piano has been a staple of a variety of genres of music including classical, jazz, popular, and
experimental music, due in no small part to its versatile qualities. The piano is a great first-choice
instrument for anyone to learn, especially for younger children. Lessons will instill a sense of
discipline and order as well as a strong sense of accomplishment as the student's skills develop over
time. Piano lessons are also a great first choice for adults who want the fun and excitement of
learning something new with little to no experience required.

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Piano Lessons
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