Brass/Woodwind Lessons
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We are currently scheduling lessons for the winter.
Lessons are offered seven days a week by appointment only, subject to instructor availability.

To Register for Winter Lessons or to inquire about pricing and availability:
Call 978-470-3073 or  
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We specialize in teaching our students the contemporary and popular songs that they love through
instructional methods that are easy, friendly, and supportive in a private environment that fosters
learning on a one to one basis.  

Interested in playing the flute, clarinet, or saxophone? These instrumental lessons are recommended
for students ages 10 and up and are a great way to build confidence in using your instrument.
Students younger than 10 are accepted on a case by case basis and should contact the store for an
individual assessment.

Our instructors can also help prepare students for solo and ensemble contests, seat challenges, and
other auditions or special events. Instrumental lessons at E & J Music will start you on your way to
learning some of the most expressive instruments in the world of Classical music, Rock, Blues, and
Jazz. Whether you're a beginner who is looking to try something new or an intermediate player
looking to take it to the next level, we use a customized approach to help you achieve your goals.
Our lessons also help reinforce techniques taught in school music and band programs, allowing more
time for learning and practice.

Book your Brass or Woodwind lesson today with our qualified instructors.
Brass and Woodwind Lessons
E & J Music
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